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When will you sell your broth?

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In all our conversations with consumers, we inevitably get asked: “When will you sell your broth?”. This is a huge compliment and validation to the countless hours we took to perfect the chicken bone broth and vegetable broth used in our Vietnamese pho soup kits. They are full of umami from the chicken bones in the chicken broth and the shiitake mushrooms in our vegetable broth and are rounded out by a strong supporting cast of spices including ginger and star anise. After hours of simmering, we skim off the fat and filter them for a clear and clean tasting broth. We had huge expectations to live up to as we started with Mary Nguyen Aregoni’s family recipe for broth. We couldn’t mess that up.  It had to be perfect.

So here we are and are thrilled to finally offer our broths in 8 oz stand alone pouches. They are great for sipping on their own (we love to add a slice of ginger and lemon and heat it in a mug in the microwave) and for cooking. Here are some of our favorite internationally inspired recipes to try with our broths this summer.


Mediterranean Couscous with Shrimp

Hainan Chicken and Rice

Spanish Ham Croquettes

Turkish Halloumi Bake (vegetarian)

Argentine Lentil Stew (vegetarian)

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