Our Mission

To offer internationally flavored and nutritious soup kits that transport your taste buds to destinations around the world instantly.

How we got started

Having grown up in different parts of the globe, business school friends, now business partners, Debarshi Sengupta (left) and Linda Yeh-Ostrinsky (right) wanted to enjoy foods that reminded them of their childhoods and travels. That's why they started Clarity Food Ventures LLC. Authentic, delicious soups were hard to find outside of restaurants and most, off-the-shelf convenient soups were pumped with preservatives, salt or not-so-good-for you stuff. So they set out to create a brand called Soup Explorers to offer soups that were globally inspired, delicious, clean-label and just plain better for you.


Having lived in Chicago for over a decade, we understand and respect the work ethic, determination and grit the people of Chicago possess, so we purposefully work with local suppliers, restaurateurs and ingredients where possible. We believe that leveraging the local and regional community and giving back in return is an integral "ingredient" to the long term success of Soup Explorers.

Some of our local partners include:
  • Phoenix Bean Tofu Company
  • Testa Produce
  • Northwest Meat Company
    • Saigon Sisters
    • Soupbox
    • Sang Visuals

    Meet Our Restaurant Partners

    We partner with this city's beloved chefs and restaurateurs to ensure you get a restaurant quality experience each time you have a Soup Explorers soup kit.

    Saigon Sisters - Mary & Theresa and Mama Suu

    Collaborations: Vietnamese Chicken Pho, Vietnamese Tofu Pho, Thai Chilled Mango

    Mary and her sister Theresa started Saigon Sisters in 2009, by offering some of their mother's (Mama Su) favorite recipes from their childhood in Vietnam and Thailand. Almost 10 years later, they run three acclaimed Vietnamese restaurants in downtown Chicago. Voted "Best Pho" by Zagat 2017, and recipient of OpenTable Diner's Choice Award in 2019, they continue to impress in a foodie city like Chicago. Like the mint in their restaurants' logo, Mary and Theresa still put a taste of their heritage into every dish they create.

    "Everything I do in my business is somehow related to my past, my family and a part of who I am," - Mary Nguyen Aregoni

    Soupbox - Jamie Taerbaum

    Collaborations: Moroccan Chilled Cucumber

    A local gem, Jamie has been in the soup business for close to 25 years in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. His loyal patrons span generations, all of whom recall fond memories of going there for hot bowls of soup on cold Chicago days. His soups have been voted best soup across many publications including: Chicago by City Search, Chicago Reader, and Yelp. A restaurateur and cookbook author, Jamie loves to travel all over the globe and seek flavors to set his soup creations apart from the rest.

    "We all just want to feel good, so we add and subtract things from our life until we get it just right - and that's how we make our soup." - Jamie Taerbaum