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What are you doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis?

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the people and families battling COVID-19, including the medical community who is on the front lines of this crisis.  We have stepped up our donations to local shelters, including a donation of 100 bottles of broth to a local shelter.

As always, food safety is a core value of ours and we continue to be committed to rigorous standards of food safety. As standing practice, we’d implemented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Standard Safety Operating Procedures (SSOP) in partnership with a certified food safety expert. We have now incorporated incremental safety procedures in accordance with guidelines provided by the
FDA, CDC, and Illinois Department of Public Health.



Where can I purchase Soup Explorers?
We are currently sold in 10 locations across Chicagoland. Please see our Where To Buy page for more details. We are also working on delivery and carry out options. Stay tuned.

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Where are these soup kits made?
Our soups are made and packaged in a commercial kitchen facility in River Forest, IL. The components are vacuumed sealed, refrigerated and cold pasteurized to lock in freshness and kill bacteria. Components are kitted, driven back and distributed to our amazing retailers.

What is cold pasteurization?
Cold pasteurization is a method of killing harmful bacteria and eliminating the need for artificial preservatives, colors or flavors commonly found in soups.  This method uses water pressure instead of heat and preservatives to lock in flavor and ensure you get a delicious and clean tasting soup every time.

Why are the components individually packaged?
When you combine all the ingredients together prematurely, the veggies and noodles get mushy over time. We don't like mushy – we want to create an unbelievably aromatic and fresh tasting soup that reminds you of your travels or inspires you to travel to a new place to experience it firsthand. This is why each component is individually vacuum sealed and cold pasteurized to lock in flavor which YOU combine when YOU are ready.
Pro Tip: Use scissors to help you tear open the packets more easily.


Are your soups organic?

Getting an organic qualification would require that every one of our food suppliers are also organic certified, which at times puts an unfair cost burden on the supplier. Instead, we choose the freshest ingredients from our trusted vendors to provide you with an authentic and restaurant quality experience.