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Please see locations below for where you can buy Soup Explorers - OR - try our carry-out/delivery options made possible through Saigon Sisters and South Loop Market. These restaurants and grocery stores need your support, now more than ever.

 Sugar Beet Co-op 812 Madison St, Oak Park, IL  Chicken Pho
Saigon Sisters

567 Lake St, Chicago, IL (Delivery/Carryout)

NW Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Chicken Pho

Tofu Pho

Thai Mango

South Loop Markets

Lakeview - 2955 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL

Logan Square - 2340 N. California, Chicago, IL

South Loop - 1720 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

Chicken Pho

Tofu Pho

North Loop Market

300 N. State St, Chicago, IL (beneath Marina Towers)

Chicken Pho

Tofu Pho

West Loop Market 1221 W. Madison St, Chicago, IL Chicken Pho
Soupbox 2943 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL Moroccan Cucumber