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Chicken Bone Broth (8 Pouches)


Now get the chicken bone broth you love from our Vietnamese Chicken Pho kit in single-serve pouches. Crafted in collaboration with Saigon Sisters, this chicken bone broth is made from scratch using a 100+ year family recipe with slowly simmered chicken bones, onions, star anise and ginger, ingredients known to boost immunity and support digestive health.

Size: 8-pack

  • 8-pack

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Enjoy the same chicken bone broth from our Vietnamese Chicken Pho soup kits on its own at home. Our broth is slowly simmered to perfection with chicken bones and aromatics such as ginger and star anise, which have been reported to contain immunity boosting and digestive health benefits. Enjoy heated in a mug with a slice of lemon or used in your favorite recipes. 
Available in packs of 8 pouches. Each pouch contains 8 oz of broth.
Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. No artificial preservatives or MSG.
Contains: Anchovy
Remains fresh in the fridge for 2 weeks after delivery. Best by dates are provided on the back of the pouch.